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Industrial Spray Nozzles have been manufactured by PNR since 1968. Since then PNR has focused on an innovative approach to the industrial sector. Our production methods for spray nozzles & supporting equipment are second to none and a programme of continuous upgrading of production machinery & IT is a naturally evolving procedure.

Spray Nozzles from Pnr Nordic AB

This mechanism operates along side a sophisticated testing laboratory offering the regular checking for day-to-day spray nozzle manufacturing. This also allows for specific testing required by our customers individual needs.

The PNR organisation supports customers around the world. From this network an experienced sales team offers a supportive role to assist with the correct selection of spray nozzle and associated equipment and provides advice and back up service to our vast range of spray nozzle products. PNR Nordic AB is proud to offer its services to the sector in Sweden, Finland and the worldwide sector.

Our extensive spray nozzle range includes; general purpose spray nozzles i.e. flat jets, high-pressure jets, straight jets, spoon jets / hollow cone nozzles, full cones nozzles / tank cleaning nozzles i.e., spray balls, rotary heads or CIP nozzles / atomisers i.e. ultrasonic nozzles, classic atomisers, humidification nozzles / spray drying nozzles / paper mill nozzles / steel mill nozzles and much more.

PNR Nordic AB can also supply and advise on PNR manufactured evaporative cooling lances. Our full range of complimentary products includes; fire fighting / protection systems, emergency drench showers & eye/face wash equipment. Cestaro volumetric dosing systems, water treatment / filter bed nozzles, pipe work / pump systems in plastics & stainless steel etc, nozzle assembly fittings, line filtration, wash down guns and hose reels, high pressure wash nozzles, steam injectors & heaters, eductor nozzles & air nozzles.

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