Modell ZPB

Model ZPB is a clamp in PP, fitting pipe up to 3/8”.

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Modell ZPM

Model ZPM is a clamp in stainless steel fitting pipe ½” – 2 ½”.

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Modell ZPH

Model ZPH is a clamp for disc nozzles. Available for 50 mm pipe and are produced in PP.

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Modell VEA

These filters can be assembled into all 3/8” nipple outlets and also into ZPB series clamps. Three different mesh dimensions are available, 50, 75 and 100 mesh.

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Modell VEC

Used with nozzle tips, VEC type filters offer a large cartridge surface area as compared to the orifice cross section, and assure a long service time before maintenance is required. These filters can be assembled into all 3/8” nipple outlets and into ZPB series clamps.

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Modell VEF

Threaded filters can be used with low-flow flat-jet 1/4” JB, HB series. Thread made to 3/8" UNF standard.

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Modell VED

VED filters are fitted with an internal one way ball valve to avoid dripping when the spray is turned off, two different pressure rated springs are available to select the preferred opening pressure value.

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Modell VEM

VEM filters have been designed for high efficiency and ease of maintenance under hard conditions. The bowl houses large size cartridges, to extend periods of operation and reduce maintenance time, and has a thread connection to the body for quick removal without the aid of tools. Finally, a plug at the bottom of the bowl allows for fitting a ball valve to bleed the filter. .

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Modell VEH

The line filters of the VEH series, are a rational and economical solution for such applications where severe operating conditions are not to be expected. Entirely made out of polypropylene, with two brass bushings (1/4" female thread), for wall mounting. The threaded coupling between the bowl and the head allows for quick cleaning or replacement of the filter cartridge without the need of any tool. .

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