05 April 2024

Sprinkler Nozzles vs. Watermist Fire Noz

What are the differences between sprinkler nozzles and water mist fire nozzles?

23 March 2024

How to save 2620 liters of water per year in paint production

Ecological paint manufacturer switches pipeline cleaning method, resulting in significant water, energy, and cost savings

19 March 2024

Industrial Spray Nozzles: Three Problems and Three Solutions

Resolving Common Issues of Spray Nozzles in Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

22 February 2024

Ensuring operational safety in petrochemical plants

PNR Italia spraying solutions contribute to optimizing the wetting of storage tanks

19 January 2024

Innovative and sustainable solutions for dust reduction in the steel industry

PNR Italia helps to recover waste materials from steel production

08 December 2023

Five tips to make industrial spray nozzles perform better in winter

Ensuring efficiency in winter: the crucial maintenance of industrial spray nozzles

28 November 2023

A solution by PNR Italia for the protection of fire cloths as firefighting systems

How to ensure certification and maximum efficiency in fire protection for fire frames

31 October 2023

GMB, the new paper trim nozzle from PNR Italia with double orifice

Available with a ruby insert, it is specifically designed to provide two solid water jets from a single nozzle.

30 October 2023

VEM liquid strainer is now available in 316L stainless steel

PNR Italia innovates its product range and presents the VEM liquid strainer in 316L stainless steel featuring a tri-clamp fitting.

22 September 2023

Improving the cleaning of IBC containers

How to reduce the costs of washing IBC containers in a fertilizer company

31 July 2023

The pasteurization process of pickle jar

How PNR Italia has helped save water and energy by improving sterilization in the food industry

28 July 2023

Pre-deep drawing lubrication in cookware

How PNR Italia has improved the distribution of silicone liquid

30 May 2023

How to reduce nitric oxide in waste incineration processes

A PNR Italia solution to facilitate the NOx-reducing properties

29 May 2023

PNR Italia obtains the certification of the Environmental Management System UNI ENI ISO 14001

We are proud to share that our company has obtained the UNI ENI ISO 14001 environmental certification.

17 April 2023

PNR Italia solution to clean the inside of autoclaves for the healthcare sector

PNR Italia solutions, such as nozzles and tank washing devices, are helpful in the cleaning phase of autoclaves, which undergo regular washing cycles.

03 April 2023

Optimizing the gas nitriding process with eductors

Gaseous nitriding is a low-temperature thermochemical diffusion process used to increase the wear resistance, surface hardness, and through nitrogen diffusion.

24 March 2023

PNR Italia and PNR Nordic will participate in two conferences organized by RISE

PNR Italia and PNR Nordic will participate in two conferences organized by RISE, the Swedish research institute and innovation partner. We will have the opportunity to show our products to all the conference participants, whose main focus is fire suppression in vehicles and tunnels.

21 March 2023

PNR Italia obtains ATEX certification on additional tank washing devices

We proudly announce that three tank washing devices from our range are now ATEX compliant.

20 March 2023

Tank cleaning nozzles | High vs standard pressure

What are the differences between the two types of tank cleaning nozzles?

27 February 2023

Your guide to selecting quick fit spray nozzles and accessories

What are quick fit spray nozzles and accessories? Why should you use them?

30 January 2023

How to effectively clean a mixing hopper in cement production

A solution designed by PNR Italia allows removing resistant residues in a flexible and customized way.

13 December 2022

How to ensure fast and effective cleaning of milk drums

PNR Italia designed two solutions to wash milk drums inside and outside successfully and quickly

07 December 2022

Hydraulic vs pneumatic atomizing spray nozzles

What is the difference between hydraulic and pneumatic atomizing spray nozzles?

15 November 2022

Five problems and five solutions for paper mills

The problems found in paper mills are various. We analyzed five of them to suggest five solutions with PNR Italia products.

10 November 2022

A system for reducing froth in paper recycling

A solution from PNR Italia ensures the accurate elimination of froth from a tank for paper recycling

07 November 2022

ZDA, the new directional, flexible, and multi-position magnetic holder for air nozzles

ZDA is a magnetic base with a flexible and directional hose for air-blowing nozzles.

01 November 2022

How to optimize an engine cooling system by 38%

A system consisting of nozzles and a manifold optimizes the cooling of a yacht engine exhaust tank

30 October 2022

21 October 2022

A construction company solves the dust problem in a tunnel

A system of manifolds and fog cannons solve the dust problem in a railway tunnel

19 September 2022

How to recover energy by cooling high-temperature gas

A cooling system with hydraulic atomizers optimizes processes in a heat recovery boiler

18 September 2022

PNR Italia presents the new UKK retractable tank cleaner

A device designed for cleaning small containers, tanks and pipes in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

01 September 2022

X-AIR, the new vortex tube from PNR Italia

The new vortex tube capable of producing cold and hot air with no electricity

22 August 2022

A biorefinery optimizes cleaning processes

A system designed by PNR Italia revolutionizes cleaning processes and optimizes water and energy consumption of a biorefinery

08 August 2022

PNR Italia presents the new UBR high-pressure tank washing head

UBR is the new high-pressure tank washing head with an electric or pneumatic motor

01 August 2022

Reducing the risk of particles on the outside of vials

A PNR Italia system ensures the complete decontamination on the outside of vials

21 July 2022

SDM and PNR Italia supply the fire-fighting components for the Santa Lucia motorway tunnel

The Spraylab group companies are recognized as approved suppliers

14 July 2022

Food industry: 3 reason to use metal detectable plastics for nozzles, clamps and tank washing heads

To prevent food producers from having any problem from this point of view, PNR Italia is introducing its classic products (nozzles, washing heads, clamps) made of MDT material (magnetically detectable thermoplastics).

07 July 2022

Fire-fighting nozzle awarded with the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission

The European Commission awarded PNR Italy with the “Seal of Excellence"

01 July 2022

10 questions to choose the right spray nozzle

How do you choose a nozzle? What are the questions to ask?

10 June 2022

Static vs. rotating tank cleaning heads

What are the differences between the two types of tank cleaning nozzles? When to choose a static tank cleaning head or a rotating one?

03 June 2022

6 nozzles for the steel industry to kno

What are the most popular nozzles for the steel industry? What are the ones to know?

01 June 2022

The pros and cons of using water mist nozzles

What are water mist nozzles, and how do they work? What are the pros and cons?

24 May 2022

UBQ -The first high-pressure tank washing head by PNR Italia

PNR Italia add to range of tank cleaning equipment present today its first high-pressure tank washing head up to 150bar.

18 May 2022

9 questions to choose the right tank was

How is the tank to be cleaned made? What is the dirt to remove?

14 April 2022

How to effectively wash a tank in two different areas at once

Let’s find out how PNR Italia has developed a custom made system of washing heads for the cleaning of tanks in the food industry.

06 April 2022

Five tips for good maintenance of nozzles

Nozzles are often small devices and represent a minor component in a more complex industrial plant. However, their importance is not to be underestimated.

30 March 2022

Air assisted atomizers selection guide

How to choose an atomizer?

23 March 2022

Three simple ways to optimize water cons

Is it possible to optimize water consumption in industry and agricultural production with simple adjustments?

16 March 2022

Is it possible to save water by choosin

Extending the operating life of a nozzle guarantees savings in economic and environmental terms.

02 March 2022

Spray nozzles: stainless steel vs. plast

How do you choose the most suitable material for a spray nozzle?

21 February 2022

Three nozzles, atomizers, and accessories for pulp and paper production

What are the best nozzles for pulp and paper production? What are the ones to know?

16 February 2022

PNR solves a cooling problem thanks to CFD

A car component manufacturer optimizes the cooling of metal parts with a custom made solution

09 February 2022

A revolution in retracting tank washers

We are proud to present a new product which is a revolution in the field of retracting tank washers.

02 February 2022

The advantages of simulating air blowing

PNR takes the first step towards a simulation tool for air blowing on sheet metal in continuous rolling processes

21 January 2022

PNR Nordic on SSG Product database

We are happy to inform about the possibility to simplification for the industry plants, which use SSG, to find our products in the database.

14 January 2022

Nozzles selection guide

How do you choose a nozzle?

05 January 2022

How are large means of transport washed and sanitized?

PNR designs and manufactures two cleaning and sanitation systems for large means of transport

28 December 2021

Can the dust abatement process be optimized in the metallurgical industry?

Let’s find out how PNR Italia has developed a dust abatement system for the metallurgical industry and specifically that of Steel production.

21 December 2021

PNR Italia presents New pipewash heads

PNR Italia is always looking for new solutions to help its customers to solve all the cleaning-related problems.

15 December 2021

Certifications of materials for the food industry

PNR Italia meets the needs of industrial manufacturers with two certifications of its products for the food industry

01 December 2021

UBD S the tank washing head is now cert

PNR Italia certifies the UBD S tank washing head for food contact

09 November 2021

PNR presents the new Dplus series

The new series of full cone spray nozzles is even more reliable, versatile, with improved spray distribution

24 June 2020

Sani-System - New product range for disinfection and remediation

Thanks to its long experience in the design and manufacture of industrial nozzles and nozzle systems, PNR has been able to develop a new range of products.

10 January 2020

Foamcontrol nozzle

Foaming affects almost every industrial sector and is a serious problem, especially in the chemical and food industry and in water treatment plants.

02 January 2020

PDPA Laser System

The Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA) is a measurement system that provides reliable information about flow velocity and particle size for an accurate hydraulic characterization of the spray.

10 December 2019

3-A Certification

3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing hygienic equipment design for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. 3-A SSI currently maintains more than 70 different 3-A Sanitary Standards in many different general categories of equipment.

21 November 2019

24 October 2019

Nozzle for fire protection

The European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020, has delivered to PNR Italia the “seal of excellence” for the following project: optimization, operational environment testing and approval for use of nozzle RRZ in highway tunnels as an active firefighting system.

02 October 2019

MF atomizer

In many industrial processes requiring gas cooling, fumes suppression or the injection of chemicals, it is necessary to use suitable air atomizing nozzles.