10 January 2020

Foamcontrol nozzle

Foaming affects almost every industrial sector and is a serious problem, especially in the chemical and food industry and in water treatment plants.

One of the most common methods of foaming control is the use of spray nozzles that must be accurately selected and sized to obtain the desired results.

The following aspects must be considered to choose the suitable product type:

  • coverage: the nozzle must provide uniform coverage of the whole area affected by foaming;
  • droplets dimension: foams can be thin or thick. Therefore, the spray must be composed of small, medium and big droplets;
  • clogging: in most cases, foaming is caused by the presence of fluids containing lumpy solid materials. For this reason, it’s crucial that the nozzle is clog-free;
  • flow-rate: it’s essentiaTl to know the main characteristics of the foam, and of the affected area, to provide the system with the sufficient amount of water to suppress it.

For all these reasons, we recommend two models for this application:

Do not hesitate to contact us to find the perfect solution for your application!

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