Hollow cone

Nozzle Hollow cone A hollow cone spray pattern consists of droplets concentrated onto the outer surface of a conical shape volume, with no droplets contained in the inside of the conical jet shape. These nozzles are normally used for smoke washing or gas cooling applications in several industrial processes.

Full cone

Nozzle Full cone In a full cone spray the droplets are distributed into a volume which is limited by a cone, having its origin point at the nozzle orifice. Such spray pattern is commonly used in large variety of industrial processes, since it is the one which allows to distribute in an even way the water flow onto a surface; the full cone spray pattern is therefore useful, as a typical example to evenly spray cooling liquid on a still surface. Another typical use is to distribute liquid droplets within a certain volume, like for example evenly distributing water droplets in the inside volume of a cooling tower.

Flat fan jet

Nozzle Flat jet In a flat fan jet spray the liquid droplets are sprayed in the shape of a flat liquid layer, with different thickness according to the principle used to generate the spray. A flat fan jet spray nozzle serves the purpose of spraying into a surface or an object moving in a transverse direction with respect to the one of the jet surface, a typical example being the nozzles in a car washing tunnel.

Air Assisted Atomizing

The atomizing of a liquid by means of compressible fluid, like air, steam or gas, is defined two-phase or twin-fluid or pneumatic atomization.
Many Industrial processed require using finely atomized droplets and the techniques to produce finely atomized sprays have been largely improved in resent years with new types if atomizers being developed.

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