To meet the urgent requirements for improving fire safety in highway, road and railway tunnels, we created a special nozzle that fully satisfies the needs of design engineers.

Our new nozzle can deliver a high capacity jet (130 lpm) and a remarkable spray coverage (an area with a diameter of 6 meters at its normal installation level), able to deliver fine or very fine droplets even if it is fed at a pressure of 5 bar. We can realize personalized models, with different flow rate and spray coverage, depending on clients’ request.

The revolutionary working principle of this unique nozzle is patent pending.

The video shows a test performed at a feed pressure value of 5 bar and the nozzle installed at a height of 2 meters, while the graphs show the flow rate as a function of the pressure, and the wetting radius as a function of the height.

For more information, click the pdf for data sheet.

Capacity (l/min) at different pressure values (bar)
180°RRZ D070 V1SG

RRZ kod