The dimensioning of a descaling plant requires a preliminary study of the maximum allowable temperature difference.
Such study will identify the flow rate limits in order to keep the product at a certain temperature value. A later evaluation of the type of scales to remove, will lead to define the required impact pressure and the hydraulic pressure value that is necessary to obtain it.
Therefore, once the flow rate and pressure values to use are known, the geometry of the product will identify the number and the spray angle of the nozzles to install.

For the descaling process in steel industry, the following high-pressure nozzles are used:
– GW series, with dove-tail coupling;
– HW/AH series and HW/AA series with short body and broached connection;
– HW/AK series and HW/AB series with long body and broached connection;
– HW/AM series with broached connection, for applications in which the water consumption must be reduced.