In the early 80’s PNR rebuilt the design of spray manifolds in surface treatment tunnels, replacing welded stainless steel nipples with plastic clamps and swivel balls in the first tunnel in the world equipped with such innovative products, that was started in Turin for the production of the Fiat Uno. Since then we have always maintained a leading role in this industrial sector. We developed new products and broadened our range for offering our customers one of the most complete and high performance assortments for surface treatments.
These smart clamps were invented and developed by PNR and revolutionized the concept of pre-treatment tunnels because they offer the advantage of an easy assembly and disassembly combined with the possibility of orienting the nozzle spray in any desired direction. To assemble the clamp you just drill a hole in the manifold and secure it with a screw. This allows to schedule frequent checks and cleaning of the nozzles for keeping the plant in optimal operating conditions.