UMV series wash-guns have been specially designed for use in food, chemical and steel industry. They avoid hot water waste and their ergonomic shape makes them easy to handle. Their thick rubber casing safely protects operators’ hands from hot water and avoids to damage floors and equipments in case the gun falls on the ground. Standard spray guns have a safety trigger-lock, a easy-hold grip and a swivel button at the end of the piston to adjust the spray angle to the desired direction. These spray-guns are constructed to match foam lances, bar lances and hot air lances. The chrome-plated brass model is used for normal operating environments whereas the version in stainless steel AISI 316 is suitable for use in the food and biotechnology industry and fully complies with European and American Directives for industrial production facilities.

The versatility of this wash-gun is enhanced by the additional model UMV 2211 which can be assembled to nozzles or lances thanks to its 1/2″ female thread. The three different lances shown here below can be easily assembled to the gun body with a 1/2″ male nipple for various uses:
1) Foaming machines and equipment before washing. The foam lance comes with a quick-connect female coupling and the wash-gun outlet must be provided with a matching coupling.
2) General purpose 1/4″ female thread outlet, 1/4″ male thread inlet. Available both with heat protection sleeve, or zinc-plated steel. The general purpose lance needs a connection nipple 1/4″ female to 1/2″ male to be fit on the gun. Please see the complete washgun and components codes below.

For more information, click the pdf for data sheet.

CodeInlet diameterFeature
UMV 2210 xx1/2"Standard, adjustable jet
UMV 2211 xx1/2"With 1/2" male quick thread, without lance
UMV 220A xx1/2"With foam lance
UMV 220B xx1/2"With 1/4" female outlet, bare lance
UMV 220C xx1/2"With 1/4" female outlet, heat protected lance
XUM V001 B3Foam lance
XUM V002 B3Quick-connected coupling for foam lance, 1/2" F
XUM V003 B3Universal lance, 1/4" F out, zinc plated steel
XUM V004 B3Universal lance, 1/4" F out, zinc plated steel
XUM V005 xxNipple, 1/4" F x 1/2" F