GMA paper web trimmer produces a glass-rod like needle jet, ideal in paper mills to cut and trim the side of your paper web with a sharp edge, precise, clean and with no dust. They are precisely machined. Their smooth high quality ruby tip and special design produce a solid straight jet for precision trimming. A 150 mesh stainless steel filter avoids clogging. Their stainless steel body and ruby spray tip assures a long service life.

GMA top quality ruby tips produce a solid needle spray jet to trim paper web with a precise and sharp edge cut.

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GMA 0380 xx0.381
GMA 0500 xx0.508
GMA 0630 xx0.635
GMA 0810 xx0.810
GMA 0890 xx0.889
GMA 0910 xx0.914
GMA 1010 xx1.016
GMA 1220 xx1.219

GM kod